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Tips for: 2022-11-3

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SpainSegunda Division2022-11-0318:00CartagenaMalagaX3.26Malaga 0.51-11 / XUnder 2.5Yes2.45 Cartagena 1 %98 % Malaga 1 % Cartagena 1.883.26 Malaga 4.37 Cartagena 1.02 Malaga 1.04 Malaga 0.85 Cartagena 1.25 Cartagena 1.38 Malaga 1.04 Malaga 0.89 Cartagena 1.24 Cartagena 0.69 Malaga 0.41 Malaga 0.32 Cartagena 0.51 Cartagena 01 Malaga 0 Cartagena 10 Malaga 0 Cartagena 7 Malaga 5 Cartagena 17 Malaga 10 Cartagena 10 Malaga 11 Cartagena 4 Malaga 5 Cartagena 3 Malaga 5 Cartagena 1 Malaga 0
SpainSegunda Division2022-11-0320:00GranadaLevante12.39Granada -0.25X / 1Over 2.5No2.68 Granada 41 %31 % Levante 28 % Granada 2.393.03 Levante 3.13 Granada 1.34 Levante 0.92 Levante 1.03 Granada 0.75 Granada 1.81 Levante 1.21 Levante 1.1 Granada 0.75 Granada 0.9 Levante 0.54 Levante 0.51 Granada 0.23 Granada 00 Levante 0 Granada 00 Levante 0 Granada Levante Granada Levante Granada Levante Granada Levante Granada Levante Granada Levante
SpainSegunda Division2022-11-0318:00Sp GijonAlbacete12.14Sp Gijon -0.25X / 1Under 2.5No2.16 Sp Gijon 52 %20 % Albacete 28 % Sp Gijon 2.143.2 Albacete 3.45 Sp Gijon 1.06 Albacete 0.83 Albacete 1.03 Sp Gijon 0.85 Sp Gijon 1.43 Albacete 1.38 Albacete 0.92 Sp Gijon 0.84 Sp Gijon 0.62 Albacete 0.54 Albacete 0.39 Sp Gijon 0.34 Sp Gijon 62 Albacete 3 Sp Gijon 19 Albacete 1 Sp Gijon 4.75 Albacete 2.5 Sp Gijon 17.75 Albacete 17.75 Sp Gijon 12 Albacete 9.25 Sp Gijon 4.5 Albacete 3.5 Sp Gijon 2.75 Albacete 3.25 Sp Gijon 0.25 Albacete 0


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